Contrary to popular opinion, men are sexually primarily attracted to older women.  Likewise, older women prefer dating younger men.

It’s easy to dismiss the attraction and stereotype it as merely being a MILF fetish. The popularity of MILF VR porn videos attests to the fact that men are attracted to older women. Here is why this attraction exists.

Older Women Understand What They Want

Every man wants to be with a mature woman who knows what she wants. Whether it’s in real life or Czech VR porn videos, older women have the desire to go after what they want.

Unlike younger women, MILFs are done exploring the dating scene and want to settle down. Therefore, it’s easy for younger men to make an approach and communicate their intentions and desires.

Older Women are More Experienced

Indeed, older women are more experienced when it comes to relationships, dating, and bedroom matters compared to younger women. Men get attracted to older women to learn a thing or two about relationships, great sex, and life in general.

Older Women Have Refined Tastes

Mature women tend to have different tastes compared to their younger counterparts. Men get attracted to them prefer being with women who enjoy being in low-key environments such as jazz bars or at home watching MILF VR porn, rather than spending whole nights in clubs.


Dating an older woman is no longer considered a taboo. Czech VR porn videos have glamourized the idea of dating older women. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that more men are attracted to older women.